Stephanie Plas

Every team needs a jack of all trades. Meet Stephanie. While Chef Taha and Chef David are in charge of the kitchen, it’s this creative lady who makes sure you’re taken care of. From the look and feel of the brand down to the practical, she completes the HOP experience as our Concept Designer. During weekdays, she develops architectural plans for public buildings and does research on Social and Circular Architecture.

Taha Oulichki

Meet Taha, our Culinary Chef who earned his stripes working for Chef Piet Huysentruyt at Restaurant Likoké* in the South of France for over 4 Years. When he’s not creating new flavors for our HOP sweets, you can find him at different restaurants all over Flanders, working as a freelance chef, developing his skills every day.

David Hoeck

No Sweets without a Pastry Chef! Meet David, already more than 10 years he has been immersing himself in the culinary cuisine, creating flavourful desserts. Had a wonderful experience when he worked at The Glorious*, led by Chef Johan Van Raes. It was at this restaurant where Taha and David first met, the rest is history. When he is not baking for HOP, David continues his passion at Restaurant The Chick, Mechelen.